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7 Best Personalized Multivitamin packs for man 2022

2021-12-11 10:47:09

What are personalized vitamins?

“Personalized” vitamins are a new trend on supplement sales and marketing. It meet the customer individual body supplement requirement and also it make the customer not just take single instead  complex supplement to improve human daily dietary supplement .by Personalized vitamins pack , you will take the vitamins according to your health status just like take the pills after see the doctor .

How to personalized vitamins?

The supplement company usually need the information such as sex, age, physical activity levels, whether they’ve been told they’re low in a certain vitamin or mineral, interests, and health goals. This information helps the company create a supplement pack for those individual needs.

What are the 7 Best Personalized Multivitamin packs for man 2022  

Best Multivitamin packs for man over 30

Once a Man over 30 years old .The body health leval is getting low and down , then it may need multivitamin to keep the energy and helth .Below are LJY Vitamin for man pack daily formula :

*Vitamin C tablets(500mg per tablets )

*Multivitamin & minerlas tablets( 1000mg per tablts)

*Maca tablets ( 1000mg per tablts)

Milk Thistle Tablets(900mg per tablets)

*Booster Immune and energy, protect liver system .

Best vitamin packs for male fertility

Now prepare for pregnancy are more and more acceptable , everyone want have healthy and intelligent baby .Here are the Formula Vitamin for male prepare for preganncy .

*Multivitamin & minerlas tablets( 1000mg per tablts)

*Lycopene softgel ( 500mg per tablts)

*Zinc & selenium tablets ( 500mg per tablts )

*increase male sperm count , make easy to get pregancy  .

Best vitamin packs for female preganncy prepare

*Multivitamin & minerlas tablets( 1000mg per tablts)

*Iron & folic acid tablets ( 500mg per tablts)

*Calcium  tablets ( 500mg per tablts )

*Vitamin E softgel (400IU per softgel )

*increase pregancy rate , and reduce the protential risk .

Best vitamin packs for children

*Multivitamin & minerlas tablets( 1000mg per tablts)

*Vitamin C tablets ( 250mg per tablts)

*Calcium chewable tablets ( 500mg per tablts )

*Blueberry lutein chewable tablets (500mg per tablets )

*immune booster & bone growth , support eye version light .

Best vitamin packs for women

*Multivitamin & minerlas tablets( 1000mg per tablts)

*Vitamin C tablets ( 250mg per tablts)

*Vitamin E softgel ( 250mg per softgel )

*Collagen peptite chewable tablets (500mg per tablets )

*B-complex tablets (500mg per tablets)

*immune booster and beauty .

Best vitamin packs for men over 50

*Multivitamin & minerlas tablets( 1000mg per tablts)

*Vitamin C tablets ( 500mg per tablts)

*Galcium 500mg softgel (500mg per softgel )

*Fish oil softgel  (500mg per tablets )

*immune booster and bone support .

Best herb supplement packs for heart support.

*coenzyme capsule ( 300mg per capsule)

*Lingzhi capsule (300mg per capsule)

*Red yeast rice tablets(600mg per tablets)

*immune booster and hert support support .

LJY  focusing on supplement manufacture and market over 16 years.

With GMP certificate product line and fashionable design to guarantee high quality products to help customer win in market .

*OEM for well-known domestic brands such as 999 group, Jilin Aodong, Nanjing Tongrentang and Besunyen.

*Main dosage forms: tablets, softgel, hard capsules, solid beverages, Powder,effervescent tablets, gummy, tea bags, oral liquids.

*Product categories: vitamins, minerals, traditional Chinese medicine, probiotics, meal replacements, beauty, children, male enhancement, sports nutrition, and middle-aged and elderly health care.

*OEM minimum order quantity is 3000 bottles or 500kg for each item.

Please contact us ask for our instock products list and OEM service .

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