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Dr Xu Visit LJY Function Food Research Center

2021-08-03 17:57:14

LJY Chairman Wang zhengming warmly welcome Zhengzhou University Pharmacy Professor Dr. Xu & Henan Science and Technology University Dr. Xu visited LJY and discussed the research cooperation of Function Food On 23th, January, 2021 .

LJY Focus on custom made health food nutrition supplement contract manufacturing and private label Service ,vitamins minerals tablets, softgel,capsules, solid beverages Powder, Effervescent tablets. offer oem and bulk supplements. With GMP certificate product line and fashionable design to guarantee high quality products to help customer win in market .

Main dosage forms cover tablets, softgel, hard capsules, solid beverages, Powder,effervescent tablets, gummy, tea bags, oral liquids. Product categories such as vitamins, minerals, traditional Chinese medicine, probiotics, meal replacements, beauty, children, male enhancement, sports nutrition, and middle-aged and elderly health care.

In order to achieve the company’s strategic goals, LJY must do product and brand planning , abandon low-price supplement competition, LJY will focus on the function food and to develop new supplement products with good functional base on Chinese medicinal , as the driving force for the company’s development and new growth point,This project will be start and implement in the LJY Function Food Research Center .

The LJY Function Food Research Center aims to unite scientific research units, colleges and universities, through the deep integration of domestic and international experts and scholars, scientific research institutes, famous traditional Chinese medicine, patent formulas and other resources, to develop functional foods, medicated diets, etc. Keep up with the development of the times, dig deeper into consumer needs, and research more and more effective products with function food, To promote the industrial development of the function food, and continue to contribute to the make human healthier.

LJY promises that the products developed by the LJY Function Food Research Center will not only be used for the development of LJY, but also the research results will be publicly transferred to the society, and jointly develop the Chinese medicine industry!

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