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Custom private label supplements Vitamin manufacturing China

2021-08-02 17:40:52

Custom Vitamin manufacturing


Let LJY manufacturing your Brand Vitamin .

Vitamins are an very import part of nutrition supplement , Especially Vitamin C and Vitamin E are the most popular for the consumer, Vitamin C chewable effervescent tablets also a very popular dosage.LJY as one of china leader vitamins manufacturer, has excellent GMP vitamins supplement manufacturing line for various of vitamin with multiple dosage ,tablets,capsules,softgels,powder, and with various shape and packing options.our engineer offer the latest market and fashion trends to help you develop vitamins supplement meet the customer health and wellness needs.

Vitamins manufacturing facility feature

  State of art manufacturing equipment

High vitamins manufacturing capability

Film and sugar coating equipment

Flexible vitamin manufacturing line easy to change over

Qualified testing experts

Multiple dosage

Multiple packing

Sent us your formula and requirement for your brand vitamin supplements.


LJY custom vitamin manufacturing feature:

18 years vitamin manufacturing experience

GMP vitamins produce line

SC Certificate

Vitamin C chewable effervescent tablets

Reliable vitamin manufacture quality

Flexible Vitamin packing

Fashionable packing design

Cute vitamin shape kids favorite

Vitamin C tablets Natural Vitamin E softgel

Vitamin B complex tablet Calcium and Vitamin D tablet

Multi Mineral and Vitamin tablet Vitamin D special for kids

Vitamin D softgel Blueberry lutein Vitamin C tablet

Collagen vitamin C tablet Vitamin C and Vitamin E tablet

Vitamin C chewable effervescent tablets

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