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Powder & Granules manufacturing

2021-08-02 17:20:08

Custom whey protein powder manufacturing

We manufacturing your Brand of whey protein powder products.

Powders and granules are an very import part of nutrition supplement ,Especially Whey protein powder and meal replacement diet power are the most popular for the consumer, LJY as one of china leader whey protein powder and diet meal replacement powder and other supplement granules manufacturer, has excellent GMP powder and granules supplement manufacturing line for various of flavor,sweetener,color, packing options.our engineer offer the latest market trends to help you develop powder and granules supplement meet the customer health and wellness needs.

Powder and granules manufacturing

Chose the best quality raw material

Powder blend preparation (Or Granules)



Sent us your formula and requirement for your powder and granules products.

Powder manufacturing options


Material option

Sweetener option

Color option


Or you can chose our in stock powder products for your private label supplement

Whey protein powder High Calcium protein powder

Appetizer digestion powder Probiotics powder

Citrus and lily powder Barley grass powder

Multielement peptide powder cereals complex powder

Multi fruit and vegetable powder Multi fruit and vegetable Enzyme powder

Multi Mineral and Vitamin powder Collagen powder

Donkey-hide glue and lycium barbarum powder

L-carnitine instant coffee powder

Milk shake meal replacement L-carnitine and tea polyphenols powder

Probiotics lyophilized powder Ginseng poria powder

Contact us and start your brand of powder nutrition supplement business .

Our company can do the following types: Flavored solid drinks: (fruity solid drinks, milk, coffee, tea, fermented solid drinks, etc.) Fruit and vegetable solid drinks: (fruit powder, fruit juice powder, vegetable powder, vegetable juice powder, fruit juice solid drink, compound fruit and vegetable powder and its solid drink, other fruit and vegetable solid drinks) Protein solid drinks: (milk protein solid drinks, vegetable protein solid drinks, compound protein solid drinks and other protein solid drinks) Tea solid beverage: (instant tea, ground tea powder, flavored tea solid beverage, fruit juice tea solid beverage, milk tea solid beverage and other flavored tea solid beverages) Coffee solid beverage: (instant coffee, ground coffee, instant/instant coffee beverage, other coffee solid beverages) Plant solid drinks: (cereal solid drinks, herbal solid drinks, cocoa solid drinks, other plant solid drinks, special purpose solid drinks, nutrient solid drinks, electrolyte solid drinks, sports solid drinks) Implementation standard: GB/T29602

Granular processing Granules are granular preparations made by mixing main materials with suitable auxiliary materials. Generally, they can be divided into soluble granules, suspended granules and effervescent granules. If the particle size is in the range of 105-500 microns, they are also called fine granules. Its main characteristics are that it can be swallowed directly or washed into water for drinking. It is more convenient to use and carry, and its dissolution and absorption speed is faster.

Powder substitute processing Our products have their own unique features in formula, trace element addition, rubber preparation, color matching and flavor blending. The imported automatic production line ensures the stability, safety and uniformity of the products. Process flow

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